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Leash Your Dogs – It’s the Law

There has been an escalation of instances in Bowers Beach of aggressive dogs.  Please abide by the law and everyone, including the dogs will be safe. Also,  residents/visitors are not picking up their dogs waste.  Do not allow your dog to “go” on others property.  Please be responsible and pick up after your pet. Lets help keep our town safe and clean! Ten Reasons to Leash Your Dog(s) Barbara Ohm, Park City As a dog owner, I’d like to share the following reasons to leash your dog (as published by the Dog Scouts of America): IT’S THE LAW:   In many areas, dogs MUST be on a leash. Many of the reasons for this are found below. It can be very costly if your dog is seen by an officer or ranger or if your dog is involved in an incident while off leash. Aggressive Dogs:  Just because your dog is friendly […]