Town of Bowers Beach Osprey Watch

Date Posted: Tuesday, April 5th, 2016

Our little Town of Bowers has a returning pair of Ospreys high up on the Murderkill Range Rear Light tower (just as you enter Bowers Beach….look up!) (There is another nest on the utility pole located outside of the Town of Bowers –  off Bower’s Beach Rd. and Old Bower’s Beach Rd.) You can go to the Osprey Watch website to see lots of Osprey watching.   It is an excellent web site to keep up-to-date on how your favorite nest is doing!       Murderkill Range Rear Light tower nest:



Osprey nest picture- outside townUtility pole nest outside of the Town of Bowers:

TIP:  If you scroll down once you are on that page,  you can see current pics and the “Nesting Diaries” with lots of information on these nesting pair(s). Here is a Google street view of the : Also, check this out… Get a live, streaming look at the Osprey nest at the Lewes Ferry Terminal  –  OSPREY CAM Happy Osprey watching!
Take a Captains Lady cruise out to the bay and you will see another cool Osprey nest —



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